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Kevin Milstead

Artist Statement

A fascination with the formal affinities, and theoretical linkages of the macro and micro aspects of nature—spanning the level of an atom to a cell to a planet to a nebula—plays a central role in my work. The elemental form of the circle is a portal—it is a microscopic point—it is a vast orb in space. It invites contemplation of interconnectedness across a wide number of ideas and concepts.


For the past 12 years, the medium of wax has bound my exploration of various materials in pursuit of ambiguity of scale and essence. The transformative element is fire—melting wax, melting metal, changing the form, and perhaps the meaning of both.


Kevin Milstead is a practicing architect and for much of his 25+ year career he has focused on rehabilitation and restoration of existing and historic buildings.  He has led the design and preservation aspects on many projects that feature historic architecture.  


As an artist, he has worked in various media including drawing, painting and assemblage. Following his introduction to encaustic collage several years ago, he has worked steadily in the encaustic medium. Experimentation with various materials and techniques has yielded a growing body of work that incorporates elements from nature, found objects and innovative uses of metal. He has exhibited in organized shows with the other members of Washington Wax Works as well participating in open and juried art shows in the DC area.


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